Emotron EMX D

Full speed control

Emotron EMX drive systems are specially designed for speed control of rotary heat exchangers. They offer full control over a wide speed range and ensure efficient operation.


Complete drive system for rotors up to 5.5 metres

Emotron EMX-D is a new generation of speed controlled drive systems offering the same functions as Emotron EMX-R. The design is based on the advanced Emotron FDU AC drive, which gives a flexible product ready for future demands. Emotron EMX-D controls rotors of 3.5 – 5.5 metres in diameter.

Technical data


Rotation speed (rpm) 8-200 / 5-135
Reduction motor 10.3:1 /15.5:1
Torque (Nm) 26 / 39
Current A 3,5

Supply voltage: 230 VAC ±15%, 50/60 Hz
Protection class: IP54 in enclosed version 
Ambient temperature; -30 to +40 °C