Service & support

Saving energy isn’t only about your electricity bill. It's about the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is running efficiently and that we’ll be there to support you whenever needed. We make sure you can put your energy into the right things.

Our complete service offer


Speedy service minimises downtime

Quick and reliable service is crucial in keeping your process up-and-running. We work hard to make sure we’re available to help analyse the situation and find the best solution for you.


Service & Support

+46 42 16 99 03

Field service

Field service includes commissioning, maintenance, fault remedy and equipment repairs on your premises. Service contracts can be drawn up for critical processes requiring guaranteed availability.



Extended warranty

Workshop repairs

Our technicians offer qualified and quick workshop repairs of your CG products. In most cases, we can offer replacement products for equipment found to be impossible or inappropriate to repair. When returning CG equipment for workshop repairs, please use the form above.


Replacement equipment

Quick delivery of spare parts or replacement equipment helps reduce costly downtime. We keep units available throughout a product’s lifecycle, and as long as it is technically and economically viable.

Our rental products may also be of interest. Please contact your local service contact for more information.

Rental products

Remote access

Call us to fix the problem

Working on-site and having a need for extra support from the Emotron service team? With our new remote access solution you always have instant support to back you up.

Remote access information


For the best use in your process

Learning more about the functionality of Emotron products will help you make the best use of them in your process. Understanding the possibilities offered will allow you to better optimise your operation and reduce costs.

Training information

Training Contact

Iréne Josefsson

+46 42 16 99 82

+46 706 10 69 82


Training in theory and practice

Our trainings combine theoretical and practical exercises and are held by our own product specialists. They cover areas such as functionality, installation, commissioning and troubleshooting. The recommended target groups for these trainings are operators, installers, service technicians and other personnel handling Emotron products.

Our application centre also offers simulations for training, for example with exercises in fan or crane control.

Courses designed for your company

We arrange customer-specific trainings, either to be carried out at Emotron or on your own premises. This allows us to focus on how to make the best use of our products in your specific application.

Please feel free to contact us for a bespoke course designed to meet your requirements.