Emotron AFE

Cost-efficient and trouble-free operation

Emotron Active Front End drives are available in two versions: Low harmonic drives and Regenerative drives. Both are based on standard Emotron variable frequency drives (VFX), offering the same reliability, easy handling and advanced functionality. The variable frequency drives are delivered as complete solutions in IP54 classified cabinets.

Top end efficiency and flexibility to suit any application

The Emotron AFE 2.1 with top rated efficiency and low harmonic distortion is available in a large power range. It is non-sensitive to voltage dips or harmonics, provides a unity power factor and has a wide power margin. Every aspect of its construction is made to secure a reliable operation at all times.

The AFE2.1 is made up of compact PEBB (Power Electronic Building Block) modules with a variety of cooling options. To avoid downtime, the modules are self-monitored and interchangeable. Communication options are plenty and extensive service options include remote access.


Trouble-free operation

Emotron AFE drives produce extremely low harmonic distortions. They provide genuine unity power factor, and offer the possibility of reactive power compensation. The drives are non-sensitive to voltage dips or harmonics from other equipment. Voltage boosting assures full motor power in case of mains voltage fluctuations.

Low harmonic distortions

Emotron Low harmonic drives typically produce less than THDI 5% compared to 30-50% in conventional drives, thereby fulfilling the IEEE-519 standard. Reduced power losses eliminate the need for over dimension cables and transformers. Lower distortions also cause fewer malfunctions in other electronic equipment.

Regenerative braking

Emotron Regenerative drives, in addition to low harmonic distortions, offer considerable energy savings by feeding the braking energy back to the mains in applications such as cranes and centrifuges. The drives are rated for four quadrant operation with 100% power in both directions ensuring continious full braking power.

Liquid cooled “Slim-LC”

A state of the art cooling system and the flexible modular PEBBs (power electronic building blocks) form the basis of a more compact AFE drive.

In the Emotron liquid cooled AFE, the PEBB is mounted without frames directly into the cabinet, making the construction both space and cost efficient.

The cooling system is easy to feed with industrial water from your own water cooling system or through an optional water to water heat exchanger section delivered as part of your complete drive solution cabinet.

Technical data

Rated power 55-4,000 kW
Supply voltage 380-690 V, 3-phase
Rated current 109-4,000 A
Protection class IP54