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EMOTRON VSS is a multipurpose AC drive, packed with features to meet application requirements. VSS is a cost-effective, easy to install and easy to use drive for the single phase supply system in a challenging industrial environment. VSS series meets users’ needs and runs a variety of applications such as packaging, wood working, pumps, blowers, mixers and other machineries. Available in IP20, within the 0.4-2.2 kW, Single phase 220V.

Product Availability: For the Indian subcontinent only.


  • STM32 high-performance MCU platform
  • Available 14 & 241/0s CPUs with Transistor & relay configuration
  • Built in 2 high speed digital inputs Max. 200kHz frequency
  • Built in pulse output type PWM/PTO
  • Built-in RS422/RS485 communication port Program memory up to 128Kb
  • Supports 64k-step ladder Built- in real time clock Operating temperature 550C
  • Configure up to 256 1/0 point
  • Support ladder and instruction list programming
  • Support optional board up to 2 no's (For AI/AO, Ethernet Port)
  • Compatible for N: N protocol and RS485 communication port, you can create a network of up to 8 CPU Reliable and stable high speed micro USB port for programming download/monitor
  • User friendly programming software

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