Our Applications and Industries

Knowing your process means we can offer optimized solutions, whether your need is for a single product or a complete system. We combine state-of-the-art technology for accurate motor control, with robust design and user-friendliness. Simple solutions to complicated challenges!

Smart drive solutions based on strong relationships.

CG Drives & Automation offers complete drive solutions that ensure the safe and cost-efficient operation of demanding industrial applications. We provide smart solutions to users, operators, system integrators and OEMs around the world. Wherever there are demanding applications, for example water handling, material handling, or cranes.

Complete drive solutions

We can deliver the engineering, automation, transformer, AC drive, motor and cabinets in an integrated solution with advanced functionality – optimized for your application, in consultation with your team. Creating a complete drive solution optimized for your process will give your industrial application the best total performance and give you peace of mind. We provide a complete solution where other companies need to add external equipment. This makes installation and commissioning not only easy but also cost-efficient.

Standard products

Our modular design philosophy lets us deliver complete solutions based on standard, well proven products – regardless if the application area is for cranes, marine, power, material & water handling.

Material handling, Cranes, Water, Energy production and Marine & offshore

are some of the areas where our products are used. But the wide range of robust and reliable products can run your operation whatever the industry.

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