Complete VFD solutions for safe and cost efficient operation of your material handling systems and equipment


Emotron VFD / variable frequency drives that  reduce energy consumption and maintenance cost, and ensure a longer service life for your equipment. 

Mining, wood or heavy industry means harsh operating conditions. Heavy loads, abrasive dust and extreme temperatures. Remote locations with unreliable power supplies. Emotron VFDs make an excellent choice in difficult conditions where unplanned downtime is a constant risk.

In addition, they can reduce energy consumption mitigating high energy prices and help you meet increasingly stringent regulation.

  • Available in both IP54 and IP20/21
  • 400 to 690 V range for the full power range up to 4MW
  • Active front end technology
  • Direct torque control
  • Shaft power monitoring
  • Both air-cooled and liquid-cooled drives
  • Modular and robust design
  • Tailor made cabinets

Robust crane drives for precise control 

Efficient and accurate crane control minimises cycle times and maintenance. Direct torque control handles abrupt load changes and overcomes initial peak loads, reducing mechanical stress and preventing interruptions and false trips. 

Crane functions incude joystick interface, mechanical brake control, limit switch control, safety monitors and hoist load-dependent automatic field weakening operation.

Wood  - softstarters and VFDs for saws, cutters and mills 

Emotron softstarters are driving motors for sawing, milling and trimming where no speed control is necessary. In the event of a problem, the braking functionalities of the Emotron softstarter give the user the advantage to stop the process in time, reducing downtime.

The Emotron softstarter will give the machine control unit information about the load situation of the process, so that the line feed can be adjusted to optimum efficiency.

The Emotron VFX variable frequency drive is also a suitable in the wood industry. With its robust structure and multifaceted functionality which includes direct torque control it secures a reliable and dynamic process.

VFDs for conveyors, preventing damage and downtime

Optimized control is required in order to ensure the right rate and quantity when feeding material to and from the process. Costly interruptions and downtime need to be prevented.

Emotron VFDs ensure the right feeding rate at all times by adapting motor speed. Built-in load monitoring protects your process against damage and inefficiency. Any over- or underload situation is detected without the need for external sensors. The VFD can also be set to reverse the conveyor in the case of an overload or jamming.

Mining and waste 

Mining imposes special requirements to electrical installations. The environmental conditions are often difficult with extreme temperatures, dust or humidity. Additional cooling and filtering systems are often necessary for a trouble-free operation.

Emotron VFDs are particularly robust and service friendly. As a result, we have an extensive list of references in e.g. cement, copper, iron and aluminium mining and processing. Typical applications include powerful ventilation systems, conveyor belts, crushers, crane systems and pumps.

Heavy industry - stamping, rolling, extruders

The changing load during different processes in mechanical presses (stamping) is an interesting challenge for its drive system. Additionally, behaviours of vertical presses and horizontal presses differ.

The flow of energy is showing different profiles. One of the jobs for the drive in a press is to manage the energy that comes back from the process or tool and to optimize the losses by feeding the energy into the inertial mass of the press. The Emotron VFX drives with direct torque control will give the best performance. Generally, a brake resistor is not needed.