Ease the load on your crane

Crane control with CG drive solutions offers minimised cycle times, reduced mechanical stress and increased safety. Direct torque control and unique crane functions ensure optimised operation.

High dynamics for accurate control

Emotron VFX AC drives with crane option boards constitute the basis for our crane concept. The range covers 0.55-3,000 kW. The IP54 certified metal enclosure offers cost-efficient installation and direct torque control, ensuring a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Crane functions include joystick interface, mechanical brake control, limit switch control, safety monitors and hoist field weakening operation. Active front end regenerative units can be used for improving energy-efficiency.

Complete drive concept

CG provides a complete solution where others need to add external equipment. Standardised control packages make installation and commissioning easy and cost-efficient. We can deliver the transformer, motor, AC drive and cabinet, and take full responsibility from design to installation and commissioning. Retrofit can keep your crane in operation and serviceable for another 15-20 years.

Simultaneous grabbing and hoisting

CG's 4-rope grab control provides smooth and accurate operation, saving maintenance costs as well as cycle times. The hoist motion is fast and soft, as it can begin with the grab open. Configuration and installation is easy thanks to a standardised plug-and-play solution. Hook operation can be handled in the same system.

Longer life for your crane wheels

Rail-mounted bridge cranes are exposed to heavy wear. If the wheel pairs are only slightly out of speed synch, the wheel flanges risk coming into contact with the rails. The simple solution to this is the CG electronic flange control, a standardised plug-and-play solution which fully synchronises the wheels to make the crane ride parallel to the rail. Maintenance costs and noise levels are reduced, and the life span of the wheels is greatly extended.

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