Emotron DSV 15/35

Powerful and compact

Emotron DSV is suitable for more demanding applications where high functionality and compact size is vital. The DSV drives offers Ethernet based fieldbuses, brake chopper and STO as well as possibility of encoder connections and a servo style performance with both asynchronous and PMSM motors. DSV in protection class IP20 is intended for cabinet build and side-by-side mounting. Despite its advanced functionality it is easy do commissioning with the Emotron “Easy Starter” PC-tool software, allowing you as a user to intuitively program DSV and VS drives.

The complete series covers motors in the power range of: 0,25kW-30kW, 230-480V AC.

Typical applications:

- Conveyors
- Cranes & Elevators
- Heavy machinery
- Food industry applications
- Pumps
- Fans
- Compressors


With advanced features such as safe torque off (STO), built in brake chopper and integrated ethernet communication, the drive is easy and economical to setup into any system or application. Functionality is easily adapted to your specific application requirements. Includes category C2 EMC-filter. 

The compact format offers flexible installation and a user-friendly set-up.

The DSV 15 range covers nominal ratings of 0.25-2.2 kW (1-phase 230V). The  DSV35 spans 0.37-30 kW (3-phase 380/480 V). The smallest of these IP20-rated units are 60 x 155 x 130 mm, while the largest are 205 x 366 x 222 mm.


A number of options let you customise the Emotron DSV.

CAN open: yes

Modbus RS485: yes

Profibus: yes

ProfiNet: yes

EtherCAT: yes

Modbus/TCP: yes

Powerlink: yes

  • USB Diagnostic communication module
  • WiFi Diagnostic communication module 
  • Control panel keypad
  • Crane I/O interface module

Technical data


Rated power
DSV15 0.25-2.2 kW / 0.33-3.0 hp
DSV35 0.37-30 kW / 0.5-40 hp

Supply voltage
DSV15: 1-phase, 190–240V +/-10%
DSV35: 3-phase, 380–480V +/-10%

Rated current
DSV15 1.7-9.6 A @230V
DSV35 1.3-56.4A @400V / 1.1-48.5 A @480V

Protection class
IP20 / NEMA250

CE, UL, cUL, RoHS2